eduroam in a Nutshell

eduroam is the name for an international community of university and college institutions with an agreement to share network resources with all members as they travel. What this means is that individuals from participating schools who come to the University of Hawaii to visit--whether on business or pleasure--will be able to get a secure Wi-Fi network connection using their username/password. A temporary guest account is not required. Likewise, the reciprocal is true where our UH users can travel to other participating eduroam campuses and easily get on their network using your own UH username and password.

This document explains how to configure your Apple OS X or macOS device so you can easily secure Wi-Fi access when you visit other institutions.

In the U.S., the participating institutions can be found at the eduroam US Institutions Map. There is also an eduroam International Map showing thousands of participating institutions worldwide.

Installing the eduroam Configuration Profile for Macintosh 10.7+

If an institution's campus is a member of eduroam, you should be able to get on that campus' network using your UH credentials. Here's how to enable your macOS device.

Note: These procedures require the installation of a Configuration Profile in lieu of manual Wi-Fi configuration. It has been tested with devices using macOS 11.4 (Big Sur).

  1. First, if you have previously connected to eduroam, go to your wireless settings and Forget the eduroam network. For MacOS, go to Network Preferences, click on the Advanced... button, select eduroam from the Preferred Networks, then click on the [-] minus sign to remove.

  2. On your device, use your web browser to visit Click on the button near the bottom to download the Installer. (Note: This universal site will automatically download the correct product for most devices and operating systems.)

    screenshot of main download screen from eduroam site

  3. A popup asks that you select your Organization. Click on the University of Hawaii button. If the button is not found, enter Hawaii into the search box to find and select it.

    screenshot displaying displaying list of organizations

  4. The resulting page should verify you'll be downloading the installer for the University of Hawaii. Click on the button to download the Installer.

    screenshot displaying button for download

  5. Depending on your browser, a popup may alert you asking for confirmation of the download. Accept to allow.

    screenshot showing the download confirmation

  6. You may see a notification reminding you to go to System Preferences to install the Profile.

    screenshot showing the notification to review the profile

  7. Open System Preferences. Highlight the eduroam profile, then click on the Install button.

    screenshot showing the Profiles setting.

  8. For the username, fill in your UH email address (MUST INCLUDE THE ""). Add your password, then click on Install.

    screenshot of eduroam settings box.

  9. A System Dialog Box should pop up to ask you to confirm changes to the profile. Enter your administrative password for your computer and click OK.

    screenshot showing Profile Installed message   

  10. You should be all set! Now when you visit a participating campus, simply go to your Wi-Fi settings and select eduroam from the list of available networks. Congratulations, you're on eduroam!



If you are unable to connect, check the following:



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