eduroam in a Nutshell

eduroam is the name of an international community comprising university and college institutions with an agreement to share network resources with all its members as they travel around the world. This allows individuals from participating schools who visit the University of Hawaii to be able to get a secure Wi-Fi network connection using their own campus's login username/password. Likewise, the reciprocal is true: where traveling UH users can access another campus' Wi-Fi by authenticating with their UH username and password. Any time you see the "eduroam" SSID in your list of Wi-Fi networks, you can access the Internet quickly and easily.

This document explains how to configure your laptop so you can easily secure Wi-Fi access both UH and abroad.

In the U.S., the participating institutions can be found at the eduroam US Institutions Map. There is also an eduroam Global Maps showing thousands of participating institutions worldwide.

Setting up for eduroam

A summary - For a UH user to use EduRoam, one needs:

Example of configuration from the KDE configurator under Linux Mint


Connecting to eduroam

If an institution's campus is a member of eduroam, you should be able to get on that campus' network using your UH credentials. Provided you configured your laptop properly, as explained above, you simply select the network and enter your login and password.



If you are unable to connect, check the following:



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