Information Technology Services: University of Hawaii

IP Version 6 Address Allocations from Abilene >> Hawaii GigaPOP

Allocations from the block of IP version 6 addresses that have been assigned to us by Abilene will follow the recommendations laid out in the following documents:

[1] Abilene IPv6 Addressing Plan:
[2] RFC 3177 - IAB/IESG Recommendations on IPv6 Address Allocations to Sites:
[3] RFC 2373 - IP Version 6 Addressing Architecture:

Address Layout:

The Hawaii GigaPOP IPv6 allocation from Abilene is:


An IP version 6 address is 128 binary bits long. The customary representation is shown with hexadecimal digits in groups of 4 (each group represents 16 bits), separated by colons. Leading (left-hand) zeros in any group are optional. A pair of colons together, as shown in the block address above, denotes a string of zeros which fill the otherwise un-illustrated space. For instance, the address block above actually represents the following number, shown with all zeros present:


Using guidelines from [1], the 5-bit "GigaPOP Site ID" is binary 11100 or hexadecimal 0x1C. The 13-bit "NLA" field consists of the 5-bit GigaPOP Site ID (NLA1), two reserved bits, and a 6-bit "NLA2" field, which provides configurable bits for assignment of /48 blocks to connected organizations which use the GigaPOP.

The diagram above shows the various portions of the IPv6 /48 Block Numbers that will be assigned from the Hawaii GigaPOP to clients, both in hexadecimal and binary. To the right of NLA2, each organization has 16 configurable bits, enabling them to further allocate smaller blocks to departments and subsidiary organizations. All allocations from the GigaPOP will be /48 in size, as in [2]. The host-number portion of each address will be no smaller than 64 bits.

A preliminary allocation scheme is shown in the following table.
No IPv6 Address Block Should be assigned or deployed without explicit permission from Alan Whinery:

0x00 Hawaii GigaPOP 2001:468:1c00::/48
0x01 Reserved 2001:468:1c01::/48
0x02 Reserved 2001:468:1c02::/48
0x03 Reserved 2001:468:1c03::/48
0x04 University of Hawaii System 2001:468:1c04::/48
0x05 Reserved 2001:468:1c05::/48
0x06 Reserved 2001:468:1c06::/48
0x07 Reserved 2001:468:1c07::/48
0x08 Brigham Young University Hawaii 2001:468:1c08::/48
0x09 Reserved 2001:468:1c09::/48
0x0A Reserved 2001:468:1c0A::/48
0x0B Reserved 2001:468:1c0B::/48
0x0C Mauna Kea Observatories 2001:468:1c0C::/48
0x0D Reserved 2001:468:1c0D::/48
0x0E Reserved 2001:468:1c0E::/48
0x0F Reserved 2001:468:1c0F::/48
0x10 Reserved 2001:468:1c10::/48
0x11 - 0x3F Reserved 2001:468:1cxx::/48